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Senior Center News, Veterinarian ministers make for a dog’s life


Senior Adult News

By Mike Prince




I’ve noticed how I’m getting around lately, sorta shuffling my feet while surveying the surroundings with caution, afraid of slipping or falling due to muscle loss from lack of exercise. Some grandparents have trouble  opening a jar of mayonnaise or difficulty moving a piece of toast from the toaster along with slight hearing impairment, however when a grandchild comes to visit, they can easily hear the words “Grandpa & Ma” and plainly see them running up the sidewalk as they jumped out of car hurrying to leap into their arms. Suddenly these 30-40 lb. bundles of love seem no heavier than a package of marshmallows, forgetting their aches & pains resulting in the pursuit of happiness & feeling young again.

Sure we should observe Mother’s day & Father’s Day in the months of May & June, but did you know we also recognize Grandparents Day. A cartographer makes maps. A person who makes & designs calendars acknowledges holidays & special events within the year is called a Embolist. In September the first Sunday following Labor Day is Grandparents Day! How thoughful.

I lived with my grandparents until the 3rd grade. Women back then didn’t work outside the home, their spending money came from butter & eggs. Mamaw always let me help in the building of chicken coops which had 2 doors, now I  understand if they had 4 doors they would be referred to as a sedan.

So stay active in order to be able to enjoy and cherish the moments of our golden years. Come join our Move With Balance and Yoga classes designed with you in mind. Eat a enjoyable meal while you’re here participating.


Tuesday, June 2

Chef salad w/turkey, ham & cheese, five cup fruit salad, applesauce cake, wheat roll.


Wednesday, June 3

Smothered pork chop, angel hair pasta, spinach, fruit crisp, french bread.


Thursday, June 4

Lasagna, broccoli, luscious fruit, garlic bread.

$3.00 donation, enjoy each Wed.’s extra side dishes. Eat one free lunch if your birthday is in June.

Congratulations to Joe and Violet Simmons who were married May 16 at Grace Baptist church. May their words, deeds, and actions always be in consideration of their spouse in mind.

There is 3 sides, not 2 to everything. My side, your side and the truth!

One time this guy got married to a cowgirl, she wanted her veterinarian who was a Justice of the Peace to marry them. Boy, was that a mistake, I’ve had to live a dog’s life ever since.

Linda Adams is always a happy lady, but she’s even happier now that she won last Thursday’s $50 cash drawing. Just eat lunch & be present in order  to be eligible for our drawings the first Tues. & third Thurs. right after lunch each month.


Activities for this week

Tuesday, June 2

Sonic Senior Challenge hosted by Laura Cox of Pike County Hospice entitled Trash Ball. Contestants will try their skills at landing as many tennis balls as  possible into a trash can within a minute with the winner receiving a $20 Sonic card, also second & third prizes for participants. These challenges always create much fun and competition., $50 door prize cash drawing.


Wednesday, jUNE 3

Move with Balance 9:00 a.m., Bingo 10:00 a.m., monthly commodities arriving.



Gospel singers 10 a.m., move with balance.


What’s happened to America? People don’t know who their Congress men are, but can tell you each pro sports player’s first and last name.

Remember help the Helping Hand Store and their faithful volunteers.

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