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Scrapperettes headed to state tourney as four seed


DUMAS – The Nashville Scrapperettes will progress on to the state tournament in softball, despite two losses in their regional tournament in the Delta.
The team first faced familiar rival Mena in their third confrontation this season. Those other games both resulted in losses for Nashville, and this week’s game saw the same result.

The game began with a small lead for the Scrapperettes, as Kaylea Carver ran in on a passed ball and Mattie Jamison was brought home off a ground out to second base by Alyssa Harrison in the first to make it Nashville 2-0.
That lead was held through the top of the third, but when Mena broke it, they did so thoroughly. Five Lady Bearcats crossed the plate in the bottom of the third, and they continued to rack up runs each inning thereafter: one in the fourth, two in the fifth and four in the sixth. The game concluded Mena 12-2.
The bright spot for the team in the game continued to be pitcher Anna Kesterson, who managed nearly 80 percent strikes on her 44 throws, striking out two batters.
After that loss halted their movement up the tournament bracket, the Scrapperettes went on to the consolation game to decide their seeding for the state tournament, facing off against Monticello.
This game too began with an early lead, but for the Monticello team, who brought in three runners in the bottom of the first, two more in the second and four in the third. The Scrapperettes organized their response in the fourth inning, hardening their defense and getting their first run as Brookelyen Cox swatted a sacrifice fly to bring in Jamison, but they were again stymied by the Monticello fielders.
A second opportunity for the Scrapperettes to score came as Brittany Hilliard put a ground ball to the short stop, allowing Bailey Dougan to make it home, but the infield proved impermeable for Nashville’s following batters. Despite further efforts on defense, the game was decided by the early lead established by Monticello. Final score Monticello 9-2.
Jamison stood out offensively for the team, getting a full quarter of the team’s hits in her three appearances at bat.
The team goes on to play in the state tournament at Mena against Gravette.

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