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Rock on, Panera Bread

Mike Graves
Mike Graves

By Mike Graves


This week’s Meat and Poultry News features an article about Panera Bread company being “the latest company to jump on the clean label bandwagon.” Clean label, to this consumer, means easily read, easily understood ingredients.

Panera Bread is a relatively new chain of eateries located (until now) in America’s most urban areas. The diner serves primarily white collar consumers with an emphasis on healthy foods. I’ve eaten at the Springdale Panera, and enjoyed the wholesome, though bland, meal.
According to CEO Ron Staich, “The journey to better food begins with simple ingredients.” The beginning of the journey for Panera was elimination of several ingredients named on a ‘no-no’ list found on Google. The list includes fructose, corn, maltodextrin and microparticulated whey concentrate, just to name a few freaky things not too enticing to this diner.
The green, wholesome food movement is more my daughter’s gluten free, vegetarian style. I stick up for corporate foods and we get into some interesting discussions on occasion.
On the occasion of this announcement, I applaud Panera Bread for putting their money where their mouths are, and not laying the burden of green, wholesome foods on their vendors. Panera is counting on their customers to support them in this endeavor by continuing to dine on foods without the colors and smells we’ve grown accustomed to. Salad dressings, especially, will be served with no artificial preservatives or flavoring.
So, rock on, Panera Bread company! Just don’t look for me to order Brussels sprout seed on panini bread with green tea grown on a certified organic farm outside L.A.
That’s all I’ve got this week. ‘Thanks from the bottom of my boots for taking the time to read this.


“Blame it all on my roots,i showed up in boots and ruined your black tie affair.”
-Friends in Low Places
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-Deep Thoughts
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