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New Main St. beauty shop the home of seasoned cosmetology veterans


Anna Jordan (2) psdNASHVILLE – Main Street welcomed an additional business last week when a new beauty salon combined with a boutique opened its doors for the first time.

The Mane Event, owned by Tina Chism and run by Jeanna Howard, Anna Howard and Macy Lewis will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. The beauty shop is housed in the same building as Model Citizen Botique, which is operated by Linsey and Justin White.
The salon is residing in the building that formerly housed Merle Norman. It offers hair, nails and make-up services. Lewis will be in charge of nails and has extensive experience in acrylic and designs.
All three are experienced hair dressers and make-up artists.
“We’ve all done hair for years,” explained Jeanna Howard, going on to say that they attend hair shows and other events to better hone their skills.
The group worked together at a different salon before coming to The Mane Event.
“We just wanted a change and we decided to move,” Jeanna Howard further explained, saying that about a month ago was when they began considering “branching out.”
The most challenging part about the move, according to Howard, was notifying all of their customers about the change and new location. She later added that so far, they have received nothing but positive feedback from their patrons and that business has yet to lull.
The hairdressers are enjoying the flexibility of the salon, especially since they have families and Anna Howard and Lewis have young children. They are able to schedule their appointments around whatever family obligations they may have.
As for the new space, Jeanna Howard expressed her enjoyment of the large space and the back room where the salon is located.
“The salon gives our customers privacy, rather than forcing them to be out in the open while their hair is still sopping wet or in an unfinished stage of the styling process,” she noted.
The Mane Event offers hair coloring and corrective coloring, make-up and styling for special events such as weddings and proms and sells a small variety of hair and nail products. After ensuring hair, nails and make-up is in order, customers can browse the latest styles in the conveniently located Model Citizen Boutique located in the front.

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