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First State Bank adding space


fsb psdNASHVILLE – First State Bank in Nashville has been working the last month and a half on constructing two additional office spaces and a file room, as well as new parking spaces.
According to Vice President Tim Pinkerton, the project has been going smoothly, with the only setbacks being the result of the weather, and is expected to be completed within the next six months.

The 20×40 foot addition is being created by Cossatot Builders out of De Queen at a cost of approximately $150-200,000.
Pinkerton noted that the new space is the result of “experiencing growth.”
“As your bank grows you need more space,” he summarized in a brief interview with The Nashville News Wednesday morning.
The various equipment and busy workers have been causing customers to be forced to redirect their path to the drive through, which the vice president was apologetic for.
“We request our customers bare with us while we go through this construction phase. We know that it has redirected the drive-through traffic flow and we are sorry for the inconvenience,” Pinkerton said.
He went on to state, “After the construction is finished, we are hoping it will allow easier access for our customer base.”
First State Bank’s main purpose is to put their customers first and serve their needs as best they can, according to Vice President and Branch Manager Jay O’Neal.
“We are a customer oriented bank that tries to provide whatever our customers need or want,” he explained.
First State Bank is locally owned and based in De Queen. It is housed in five locations including De Queen, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Dierks and Lockesburg.
The bank was born in 1974 by a group of local investors who got a charter granted. All investors shared equal ownership before the Gray family went on to purchase the majority of the interest over a several year span.
First State Bank of De Queen expanded in 2007 and the Nashville location was established n 2010.
The entirety of the banks have 65 shareholders in all three counties in which they are located, with descendants of the Gray family still holding the majority of the interest.