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Nashville native, Mineral Springs teacher chosen as Caddo Hills principal


todd jpgMINERAL SPRINGS – The Caddo Hills School District has hired a local man to be their next high school principal.

Todd Baxley, a Nashville native who currently teaches at Mineral Springs, has been tapped for the job beginning this fall.
Baxley, who graduated from Nashville High School in 1993, did not immediately pursue education. He attended Henderson State University’s Aviation program, which he completed in 2001, before going on to obtain a masters in education in 2012, and MSE in education leadership last year, and an education specialist degree that he is currently pursuing.
His employment in education began at North Heights in Texarkana, where he taught eighth grade science. After three years there, he applied to Mineral Springs schools, coming in at the height of the hardships that district experienced. He has worked as the seventh and eighth grade math instructor for the past two years.
Baxley claims that he was trepedacious about the move at first, saying, “I was nervous about coming to a small district, but Mineral Springs is like a big family. I felt loved – and that’s what makes it hard to leave.”
He pointed up the fact that the support staff at the schools, especially the secretaries, make the first impression that people coming into the school have and that in Mineral Springs they always have a good experience. He added, “I hope that Caddo Hills can have the same.”
His choice to leave Mineral Springs was prompted entirely by his desire to enter administration, he explained, “It’s what I wanted to do from the very start when I went into education. And I applied at Caddo Hills because they have a long history of good leadership and high performance. I think it’s a good fit for me.”
Baxley, whose wife Morgan teaches first grade at Mineral Springs, said that he gained a great deal from his time at the school there. He explained, “I got to mentor under Curtis Turner and work with Gene Strode, and I’ve learned a lot from them. I feel like I’ve learned more at Mineral Springs than the rest of my time in education combined.”

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