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Dierks looking to restrict large truck traffic


roadDIERKS – Work on city streets was discussed in length during Monday night’s meeting of the Dierks City Council.

Mayor Terry Mounts noted that the street paving that was being conducted using money from the highway department was completed and that he has submitted a request to be placed back on the list for receiving additional funds as they come available.
Because the streets are newly-paved, Mounts requested that all loaded log trucks stay off of them as much as possible. He said that he knew sometimes it could not be avoided, but that he preferred that the loaded trucks only travel the refurbished streets when absolutely necessary.
These trucks have also been requested to refrain from travel across the bridge on First Street, which is on the North side of the E-Z Mart, or the one on Second Street.
“We are asking that no loaded trucks go over these bridges because the last inspection showed deficiencies on these structures. I am going to ask for more money to replace them and fix these problems and plan to place weight limit signs on them, that will most likely have a 10 ton limit,” Mounts said, commenting that the signs have already been ordered.
Other signs, warning people drive slowly and watch for children playing, have been placed on North Walter’s Street and more have been ordered to go on Old Hwy 70 North. Police will be monitoring these areas to ensure the new signs and speed limit signs are obeyed and that no one is driving recklessly.
Council members were also informed that the water and sewer audits had been started April 21 and should be completed in approximately three weeks. Following the completion of this audit, the city will be able to proceed with the sewer construction project, which has had to be put on hold for the past several months due to audit incompletion. The project is essential to the city because it will allow them to get back in compliance with ADEQ regulations.
Other business in the meeting included the approval from the council for the mayor and city recorder to sign for the purchase of a police vehicle and a truck for the water department.

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