Home Breaking News Flood control in order at Lake Greeson

Flood control in order at Lake Greeson

One of the two 'bunger' valves at Narrows Dam is operating to lower the water in Lake Greeson. (Photo by John Balch)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now resorting to running one of the two “bunger” valves at Narrows Dam to ease flooding on Lake Greeson.

USACE Park Manager Eric Jenkins said the lake level, as of Thursday, May 21, was at 553.46 feet. The dam is 563 feet tall at its spillway peak. The last time water came over the dam’s spillway was May 2009. Prior to that, water came over the top in 1968.

The recent heavy rains have forced the lake up into several camping areas, closing lower roads and numerous camp sites, Jenkins said. Class “A” areas affected include Parker Creek, Kirby Landing and Cowhide Cove. There is also considerable debris in the lake and along the shorelines, as well as submerged objects such as sign posts and picnic tables. Jenkins said boaters should exercise caution when navigating any parts of the lake.

The one dam valve in use is running between 25 and 50 percent.

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