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Reader upset with treatment of teacher wife


Dear Editor,
In approximately 43 days my wife, Allyson Tollett, will be retiring after 36 years of serving in private and public schools of Arkansas as a teacher of mathematics. In order to celebrate this milestone in her life, she has for the past school year been wearing a ‘countdown to retirement’ number on her blouse daily.
The reason for doing so is not to diminish the importance of the Nashville Public School system but to celebrate a lifetime of dedicated service to teaching mathematics to students who want to learn upper level math. Today she was informed not to wear the countdown number on her apparel.
I think it is a slap in her face by the administration. They show no gratitude or respect for celebrating her upcoming retirement.
Just as some 12th graders are celebrating their upcoming graduation after having worked 13 years of their lives by wearing a countdown number of days left of high school for them, my wife is celebrating her retirement by counting down.
Proud and loving husband,
Edwin Tollett