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Mike GravesBy Mike Graves


Because I am part owner of this publication, and full of knowledge and wisdom, it is my duty to come down from the mountain with my tablets and share with you, the average Joe or Jane looking to me for guidance, what I’ve discovered in my 58 years of existence.
I’m sorry to let you down, but there really is nothing new under the sun, and you’ve heard it all before – only more eloquently, and without my Arkansas twang and baby boomer sarcasm.
I would like to speak to our young folk, and in particular, our 2015 graduates. I’m inspired this morning after burying another member of the NHS class of ‘76 last Saturday.
We’ve buried several members of the class of ‘76, and some of them missed out on life by preparing for or waiting on life to happen. How tragic it must be to believe, “Someday life will begin, and maybe I’ll be happy.”
My mom told me one time she was happy because she made her mind up to be happy. Simple and profound: life is what we make it.
Please, class of 2015, make the most of your life and you will make the most of those of us sharing this life with y’all. Inspire us by the way you live. We’re counting on you.

“‘Til the stars shall shine no longer, ‘til the flowers all fade and die, we’ll be true to alma mater – to our dear old Nashville High. We will cherish every memory, we will sing her praises, too. And to dear old alma mater we’ll be faithful and true!”
-Nashville High
School Alma Mater
Amy H. Ball
“So long, everybody. I finally grew up, and they let me out of school!”
-School’s Out
Alice Cooper
Thes. 2:12