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By Mike Prince


I hope you have a stock broker, financial adviser, tax attorney or investment banker to assist with your capital gains resulting from all your prizes and cash drawings made available to you if you’re fortunate enough to be a lucky winner this month.

Here are some examples — $20 Sonic Senior Challenge, our annual Fishing Derby contest sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, which provides rods and reels, tackle boxes and bait, $50 cash drawing twice monthly, Bingo Blackout, and our end of month door prizes.

So if you decide to turn your assets into a business venture, don’t be like these two brothers who were high school dropouts with no financial or business savvy. Because of their lack of business experience, they knew nothing about profit and loss.

After kicking around some ideas on what they would feel confident and capable of investing in, they decided on buying and selling watermelons. The first month, after purchasing a truck, insurance, permits, gas, and watermelons, their profit and loss ledger was showing them in the red. The next month had the same results, another letdown. So they sat down and discussed what to do different. They agreed business was booming. Cash flow was tremendous and it was hard to keep enough stock in inventory. We’re buying these melons for $2 a piece and selling them for a dollar, where are we going wrong? I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings one time when I called you stupid. You’re exactly right, I don’t know why I didn’t think of the answer to our problem like you did. All we need to do is get a bigger truck!

We serve watermelon slices in our lunches frequently. Hopefully we can do business with these brothers and save money by buying from them.

Tuesday, april 7
Chicken and dumplings, corn, turnip greens, roll, ice cream

Wednesday, April 8
Barbecue pork with bun, green beans, potato salad, mandarin oranges, gelatin

Thursday, April 9
Beef and noodles, English peas, broccoli and cauliflower, french bread, snicker doodle cookies

$3.00 donation, drinks provided, meals served 11:30-12:30, each Wednesday “Kettle Days” offer you an extra side dish. Eat lunch and be present for cash drawings and prizes.
Anyone having a birthday in April receives a free lunch whichever day of the month you choose but we have our monthly Birthday Cake Party on the third Wednesday.
Activities for the week of April 7-10.

Tuesday, april 7
Remember HEAP utility assistance each Tuesday from 8-12 until funds run out. $20 Sonic Senior Challenge, hosted by Laura Cox of Pike County Hospice, 10:30-11:30. $50 cash drawing after lunch. Eat lunch and be present to win.

Wednesday, April 8
Move with Balance, 9:00-9:45, Bingo at 10 am. Monthly commodities will also be coming in.

Friday, April 10
Shopping trip to Hot Springs, bus leaves at 9 a.m.

BBB traveled to Gurdon to help them organize and establish their program. They enjoyed our input. Only problem was, our instruction and rules were much too informative – they out scored us! We invited them to our center and they are anxiously looking forward to visiting us soon.

Shop and check the Helping Hand Store’s new inventory daily, all at bargain prices, well organized and displayed. You’ll be amazed at all the inventory and selections.
Stay busy, but make sure it’s doing the right things.