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By Karroll Morphew

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy birthday to Danny Smith, and my Best Friend, April 3, James Wright, April 4, Charles Lambert, April 6, Terry Diggs and Nova Lee Vincil, April 8.

Please add Sue Ketchum Strasser’s name to your prayer list. She is a former Bonnerdale resident and is having some serious health problems right now and would appreciate all the help she can get.

The 1955 graduating class of Glenwood High School will be meeting at 5 p.m. at the Fish Nest in Glenwood, April 9, 2015. We will be celebrating our sixtieth anniversary. Anyone who would like to join us or just come by for a visit will be welcome. We were a small class to begin with, only 21 of us, and we have lost 8 members, so there won’t be a big crowd. I can almost guarantee there will be old yarns told, a lot of kidding, a lot of laughter, and a good time of visiting.

I would like to announce again that the Mt. Tabor and Grant’s Chapel Cemeteries are taking bids for maintenance work. The man who holds that position now is leaving the state. If you would like more information or would like to place a bid, contact Darrell “Buster” Wright at 356-2090 or call me at 356-3731, and one of us will get the information and bid sheet to you. Deadline to get the bids to us is May 1, 2015. All bids will be considered.

Vic Baldwin, of Glenwood, passed away Saturday, March 28. He was the son of Marietta Bardwell Baldwin and the late Sid Baldwin. Other information is not available at the time of this writing, but I will report it next week.

Probably every household has a roll of duct tape somewhere in it. Here is another excellent use for it: “Even duct tape can’t fix stupid — but it can muffle the sound”.

See you next week.

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