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Dierks Pharmacy changing hands


IMG_6093DIERKS – After owning
the Dierks Pharmacy for
nearly 26 years, Alan McRae
is retiring and passing the
business on to Jennifer and
Joshua Jones.
McRae and his friend,
Randy Mounts, purchased
the pharmacy after McRae
completed his schooling to
be a pharmacist. McRae went
on to buy Mounts’s half of the
business. Despite that, he did
not always want to pursue a
pharmaceutical career.
“I got interested because
my wife worked at the Mur-
freesboro pharmacy Randy
Mounts owned. I was down
there all the time and just
became really intrigued by
it,” he explained during a
recent interview.
Ever since making his
career decision, McRae has
enjoyed getting to know his
customers and his ability to
help them during their times
of need.
“I’ve built so many great
relationships and made so
many great friends. I don’t
think my customers know
just how many times I’ve

prayed for them and their
families when they were go-
ing through an illness or after
they lost a family member,”
said McRae.

McRae noted that aside
from his customers, he will
also miss his wonderful and
dependable employees. He
said his decision to retire
was spurred by a vacation
he took with his wife as well
as the passing of his mother.
“My wife and I were on
vacation at the Grand Tetons
at Yellowstone. While we
were there we got a call that
my mother passed away.
It made me realize how
short life is and how pre-
cious time is. I want to spend
more time with my children,
grandchildren and family,”
he explained. “The Grand
Tetons are one of God’s most
beautiful creations and I was
inspired by that and realized
that my only purpose in life is
to serve God and spend more
time with my family.”
According to McRae, the
timing for the Joneses was
just right as well. The three
attend church together and
when Jennifer Jones enrolled
in pharmacy school, her
husband approached McRae
about someday purchasing
the business, and he agreed.
Jennifer Jones was previ-
ously working at the Walmart
pharmacy in Nashville. She
said she always knew she
wanted to do something in
the medical field because she
wanted to help people, and
being a druggist seemed like
a good fit because she enjoys
the one on one interaction.
Josh Jones was a game
warden before becoming a
farmer and stay at home dad.
He will now handle the busi-
ness end of the pharmacy.
“We are looking forward
to the ability to work with
these people in a small town
like Murfreesboro,” stated
Josh Jones.
“I’m going to enjoy being
my own boss. If somebody
has a problem, I will now
have more of a say in how
to help them,” said Jennifer
The couple has been
working at the pharmacy for
a month even though they
just recently took it over.
“We wanted to make sure
we were serving our custom-
ers and aware of all their
needs,” explained Jennifer
Jones. “We’re not going to
change anything and we’re
going to continue the same
service Alan has been provid-
ing and we hope the commu-
nity supports us. We will be
available for the community
just like he has always been.”
For McRae, the business
will remain a source of fond
“I’ve been so blessed in
this community. I just want
to thank everybody for their
support and taking me in as
if I was one of their own,” he
said. “I’m blessed for all their
support and friendship.”

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