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Area furniture outlet changing hands


DIERKS – After over 15 years of owning and operator Furniture Etc., Dewitt Seale has handed off his business to Terrell and Mary Shepherd.
Terrell Shepherd now runs the store in conjunction with his other business, Terrell’s Refrigeration and A/C Service, which also specializes in appliance repair. It was through this job that Shepherd came to acquire Furniture Etc.
“I was working for Mr. Seale fixing some of his appliances at the store and he said he thought I’d make a good fit here,” Shepherd explained, noting how he is able to use his handiwork to repair many of the used appliances he now has in his new establishment.
Aside from appliances, Furniture Etc. buys, sells and trades furniture, mattresses, beds, dishes and other knickknacks. The store also carries movies and books.
For the most part, Shepherd has chosen to keep things just as they have been since Seals first started.
“It was already a well established business so I haven’t really felt the need to change anything,” he said.
Shepherd is only considering making two additions: to start carrying new appliances, and to merge his A/C business with his new venture.
“My air conditioning business is still ran out of the shop at my house, but eventually I want to move it here,” Shepherd commented. “There’s a large shop located in the back, and once I get it cleaned out, I will have more than enough room.”
Though he remains busy juggling two businesses, Shepherd said he finds joy in searching for items to stock in the store.
“I enjoy getting out and finding stuff to get in here – going to estate sales and things like that,” he explained.
Furniture Etc. is still open during its regular hours, Wednesday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m.