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Oklahoman overcomes mud and mountains to win Ouachita Challenge

  ODEN - Hundreds of cyclists from across the United States soldiered through the mud and bugs as they battled to be the first to...

Ouachita Challenge coming March26

DEWAYNE HOLLOWAY montcnews2@windstream.net Cyclists from across the country are preparing for the 17 Annual Ouachita Challenge and Ouachita Tour to be held March 25 and 26. The...

Record setting day at the Ouachita Challenge

DERWOOD BRETT The 2016 Ouachita Challenge, which took place on Sunday, April 4,  saw a full complement of regular riders, as well as first-timers, compete...

Everyone a winner as sun shines on Ouachita Challenge

DERWOOD BRETT Travis Donn, Kansas City, MO, completed the Ouachita Challenge Race Sunday in 4:35:52 to beat nearly 200 other riders from 13 states as...