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Howard County jailer held in Pike County shooting death

Christian Buster

A Howard County jailer is being held in the Pike County jail after he allegedly shot and killed a Delight man Saturday, April 27 in Pike County.

Christian Marc Buster, 29, who resides in Pike County, is expected to be officially charged this week with second-degree murder for the death of Oscar Alba, 34, of Delight.

Buster made a first court appearance Monday and a public defender was appointed. His bond has been set at $500,000 and he is to return for formal arraignment on May 31. A no-contact order was also issued for Alba’s fiancee, Lacey Hampton, who reportedly witnessed the incident.

Buster is currently employed by the Howard County Sheriff’s Department where he has worked as a jailer for approximately seven months, according to information from the Howard County Courthouse.

According to a preliminary report, the Arkansas State Police were called in by Pike County authorities the morning of April 27 to investigate a shooting at Buster’s home at 1152 Highway 26 East. A search warrant was executed at the crime scene at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Hampton told investigators that she, Alba and Buster had been drinking the night before and they had given Buster a ride to his home in Buster’s vehicle when the shooting happened. Hampton alleged Buster retrieved a pistol from the vehicle’s center console and exited the vehicle and began firing at Alba.

Once Alba fell to the ground, reports state Buster immediately began administering CPR life-saving efforts and also told his mother to call 911. The weapon, a 9mm, was fired at least three times and two bullets apparently struck Alba in the chest.

Buster said in a later interview that he fired the weapon in self defense because he felt threatened by Alba and Hampton and claimed the couple had abused him and were holding him against his will. Investigators noted Buster exhibited no physical injuries on his face or body.

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