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Ashdown teen, 15, charged in connection to drive-by shooting


A felony charge of first-degree battery has been filed in Howard County against a 15-year-old Ashdown male in connection with the recent drive-by shooting that injured one in a Nashville neighborhood.

Davion Markell Williams, 15, was officially charge on April 30.

Malik French, 18, also of Ashdown, has been arrested in the connection with the shooting but no charges have been filed, as of Tuesday morning.

The shooting happened April 25 at the intersection of Parker and Ansley streets and injured Devon Mays, 20, of Nashville, who was shot in the chest.

According to case information, French was allegedly driving a Nissan Altima in the area and witnesses said that the vehicle eventually stopped and the back window rolled down and the passenger opened fire on bystanders before fleeing the area.

The vehicle was spotted after being followed by a witness of the shooting who alerted police. The vehicle was stopped on South Fourth Street and French and Williams were taken into custody.

French told officials he had driven from Ashdown to Nashville for a baseball field and he initially had two other occupants, Williams and an unnamed 16-year-old male. The older teen reportedly got out fo the car and got in with some other people while Williams stayed in the back of French’s vehicle.

French claims Williams directed him to the where the shooting happened since he was unfamiliar with the city.

French added that he had no problems with anyone in Nashville but said Williams apparently did due to a fight a couple of months ago at a Nashville-Ashdown basketball game.

The day following the shooting, Nashville investigators and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s K9 walked Highway 27 and located the suspected gun used about 40 yards north of Trenton Blvd.

The gun, which turned out to be reported stolen, was a Taurus 9mm semi-automatic and ammo matched the caliber and 10 bullet casing found at the crime scene.

The magazine was empty and there was a live round chambered when the gun was recovered from the roadside.

Williams is currently in custody in a juvenile facility in Jonesboro.

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