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ARKANSAS DOT: Left lane for passing only


The Arkansas Department of Transportation and law enforcement officials are reminding drivers to use the left lane on multi-lane highways including Interstate for passing only.

In 2021, Act 1090 was passed into Arkansas State Law which outlines the conditions drivers must meet while traveling on multilane highways in the same direction. 

Act 1090 was designed to prevent backups on roadways and, in turn, increase safety by limiting left-lane driving to passing only. 

Except for situations when lanes are blocked, the law requires drivers to use the right lanes for travel, reserving the left-most lane for passing only. 

“We want to remind drivers that it’s illegal and dangerous to impede the flow of traffic by driving in the left lane,” said Arkansas Highway Police Chief Jeff Holmes.

A recent report shows that 411 citations and 3,100 warnings for left-lane driving have been issued by state and local law enforcement since the law went into effect in 2021. 

“Some people don’t realize they are breaking the law when they continuously drive in the left lane and impede other vehicles from passing,” ARDOT Director Lorie Tudor stated.

“ARDOT and our law enforcement agencies are working to educate drivers and increase safety on our roadways.” 

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