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State issues report cards for Arkansas schools


By John R. Schirmer

News-Leader staff

As the fall semester winds down in Arkansas schools, administrators and teachers are reviewing test scores and the state’s letter grades from the 2022-23 academic year.

They’re also preparing for the next round of state-mandated testing, which carries with it a host of unanswered questions. (See related story.)

Students in grades 3-10 took the ACT Aspire during the 2023 spring semester. Those test results and other factors were used in assigning letter grades to each campus in Arkansas.

Students who attend schools which received F’s on the report cards are eligible to apply for state vouchers to attend private schools. In 2024-25, those in schools receiving D’s will be eligible.

The legislature approved use of public money for the private school voucher program as part of the LEARNS Act approved during this year’s regular session.

Report card grades for schools in Howard County include the following:

Dierks District 

Joann Walters Elementary School, C; Dierks High School, C

Mineral Springs School District – Mineral Springs Elementary School, F; Mineral Springs High School, D.

Nashville District 

Nashville Primary School, C; Nashville Elementary School, B; Nashville Junior High School, C; Nashville High School, C.

Grades for Pike County schools include the following:

South Pike County District

Murfreesboro Elementary School, B; Murfreesboro High School, C.

Kirby District

Kirby Elementary School, C; Kirby High School, C