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Mine Creek Revelations: Do You Believe?


YES, I AM STILL HERE peeking out of the newspaper’s window on Main Street and I am wondering how many of the people I see everyday believed the lies that were broadcast by that Alex Jones guy.

Jones, an arch conservative radio broadcaster, promoted the idea that the ‘Sandy Hook’ school shooting was a hoax, that the parents and kids were merely paid actors. In addition, among other things, he broadcast that it was liberal radicals who invaded the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, not Trump supporters.

In the defamation civil case a Texas jury found for the parents of a little boy who was murdered in the shooting. They awarded the parents about $49 million. Jones must have anticipated this because for a long time he has been squirreling away secret cash, according to some reports. That amount is likely to be reduced by several million.

Yes, a Texas jury.

Jones is a real picture of what is killing America today. He benefitted greatly because there were so many people who wanted to believe him, and it drew advertisers and donors. Jones’s listeners threatened the Sandy Hook parents; stalked them.

Jones and his ilk are killing trust in real news journalists.

To be sure there must be Alex Jones-types who promote lies about conservatives.

But with my own eyes I saw the Trump supporters breach the Capitol. It wasn’t Boy Scouts.

With my own eyes and ears I saw tapes of Jones participating in the insurrection and then go outside to his radio equipment and say it was really the liberal ‘Antifa’ that was tearing into the halls of Congress bent on hanging the vice-president.

I watched and read with interest what very-conservative Republican commentator Trey Gowdy, himself a former Congressman, said about Jones and what he did. Trey didn’t like it one bit. Really tore into Jones.

One of my friends says he dreads taking road trips with his wife. He turns the radio to oldies rock, and she changes it to her favorite talk program. My friend says that pretty soon she’s shouting at the radio — either in perfect agreement with what the host just said, or in outrage at what he says someone else has done.

The talk jock has achieved his purpose. He has raised her blood pressure and increased her hatred for the ‘other’ side. And maybe she’ll send a donation so he can keep preaching the truth.

In addition to killing bonafide news-gathering media, Facebook and other social media are highways for false news and innuendo.

Don’t let yourself get fooled.

=—-= — =

THERE IS ONE commercial on TV that I am really tired of. Two guys are sitting some steps talking. One guy turns to the camera and says that he has done some stupid things in the past and maybe even committed some crimes. “But, I am not a criminal,” he says.

What? Committed some crimes but not a criminal?

I don’t understand the purpose of the commercial, or who the sponsor is. But it must be a freebie because it runs so often.

=—-= — =

THE GOOD EARTH. Some perfessers want to get a good look at a meteorite which came from beyond our own solar system and whammed into the Pacific Ocean near New Guinea back in January of 2014.

How do the perfessers know where the meteorite hit the earth if there were no witnesses?

I don’t know, but they act like they really know. They even have about $1.2 million to spend.

They plan to drag a huge magnet on a sled over the ocean bottom at the site, and they hope to recover some teeeeeeensy pieces of the rock.

Space rocks from outside our solar system are extremely rare, and the perfessers hope to learn something about other solar systems when they put these pieces under power microscopes.

Remember, if it strikes the earth it’s a meteorite; if it doesn’t it’s a meteor.

=—-= — =

ANIMAL CRACKERS. The U.S. Space Force will use some robot dogs to patrol Cape Canaveral. The Space Force calls them “Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Quadruped Unmanned Ground Vehicles.” I kid you not.

I don’t know if they obey commands, and I don’t know what happens when they pass a Cape Canaveral fire hydrant.

Do you feed them or do you just spray their jaws with WD-40?

=—-= — =

THINGS I LEARNED from opening email: “Get some roosters for eggs; and a bull for milk. Then you’ll see that gender matters.”

=—-= — =

WORD GAMES. Here are two more words that go together in some context: Hunt and Peck. The Typing twins.

Because so much testing goes on on computers, some schools are beginning to teach rudimentary typing to students in lower grades so they can take tests faster.

=—-= — =

HE SAID: “It’s a privilege to be in a position to give back, and one that I take pretty seriously because I know what it’s like … to be less fortunate, to be less privileged.” Tony Finau, professional golfer

=—-= — =

SHE SAID: “Many voters think about the makeup of the Supreme Court when they are choosing a president. The justices deal not only with constitutional issues but also with social issues that were unknown to the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution more than 200 years ago.” Helen Thomas, journalist

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