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Bull donation to Navajo Nation fulfills wish of late farmer

Larry Todacheene of the Navajo Nation is pictured with the bull donated by a local farm.

By P.J. Tracy

Murfreesboro Diamond

After a promise before his death, Roberta Teeter has announced the fulfillment of her late husband’s wish of donating a bull to the Navajo Nation.

She said that Max Teeter had offered a donation of a bull if they were ever able to transport it to their Bloomfield, New Mexico location on the reservation which is located near Farmington.

When the mission team was recently present for the June vacation bible school at Nashville’s New Life in Jesus Christ Church, the opportunity to make the promise a reality presented itself.

“They’ve come several times over the years, and stayed at our house,” Teeter said of the Navajo people. “They are just super people that are running a church on the reservation.”

Teeter said she, along with ranch manager and nephew Justin Wilson, told them on their most recent visit that the offer still stood, and that they had bulls to spare now that they were raising registered cattle.

Wilson, who trained under Max, said he knew of the “perfect bull” to send to New Mexico.

The 22-month simmental/angus bull is “super with superb genetics,” according to Teeter.

“It will do super things for the Navajo, who have a 30-40 head herd themselves … but will provide them bigger, better cows,” Teeter stated.

Teeter, along with her husband was a former Pike County farm family of the year, is fully pleased with the promise finally coming to fruition.

“God has just been blessing me ever since.” she concluded.

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