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Scrapper cheerleaders earn honors at camp

Nashville cheerleaders display the awards they received during NCA camp earlier this month in Hot Springs. Erin Askew is the cheerleading coach.

HOT SPRINGS – The Scrapper cheerleaders brought home a number of awards from camp earlier this month at Hot Springs.

“Camp was awesome,” Coach Erin Askew said. “The girls worked super hard and really came together as a team and achieved many different awards and new skills.”

Honors for the NHS cheerleaders include the following:

First place in the Jam

Six All-American Cheerleaders, including Addie Moorer, Anna Clair Gunter, Lamia Madora, Anna-Kate Sartin, Makenzie Graham and Macy McCammack.

Seniors applied for NCA staff.

14 All-American nominees

Spirit Stick all four days

Stunt excellence for pyramid

Stunt safe award

Herky team award “voted on by our mat buddies,” Askew said, “for the team that works best with each other and encourages and supports the other teams.”

National bid

Superior ribbons for the Jam and Game Day Cheer

The Scrapper cheerleaders are the defending national champions.

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