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Assault in Pike County Jail said to be linked to prison gang


An investigation into an unprovoked attack in the Pike County Jail said to involve a prison gang has resulted in charges against three men.

The three charged on March 15 included Tony Ray Standridge, Jr., 19, of Hot Springs; Bobby D. Payne, 36, of Wilton; and Joshua Shane Bean, 40, of Bluff City.

All three are charged with intimidating a witness with Standridge facing an additional charge of third-degree battery.

The charges stem from an incident on Jan. 18 where all three men were incarcerated at the time. According to case information, Standridge is accused of committing an unprovoked attack on Jace Golden, who was also in county custody on various charges. Golden received minor injuries from the assault and another inmate identified as Jeremy Smith also known as “Big Country” was present but did not participate or try to stop stop the assault. Smith has not been charged in the incident.

Golden told Pike County authorities that Standridge allegedly said during the assault, “That’s on War.” Golden said that “a hit” had been placed on him by the prison gang “WAR,” which is an Arkansas-based prison gang that stands for White Aryan Resistance. Golden said the reason behind the hit was that he refused to drop charges against two people who are charged with burglarizing his home.

On Jan. 7, Zachary Ryan Lamkin, 36, and Tyanna Mei Collins, 29, both of Hot Springs were charged in Pike County with aggravated residential burglary and theft to property for a break-in at Golden’s home in Glenwood. “The defendants of the burglary are believed to be affiliated with the gang “WAR,” according to case information.

An investigation was opened into Golden’s accusations and evidence received reportedly supported the fact that Bean gave Payne orders to “smash Golden up if he doesn’t drop the charges” with Payne giving his word it would happen. Payne is said to have notified Bean, “Hey bro, got that handled, I made sure, and ‘Country’ did, love ya, I tried to call, ‘He’s smashed.’”

Golden also said Payne allegedly informed him that if the charges were not dropped “there would be more to come and will keep happening.”

Bean and Standridge are still in county custody.

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