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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: August 1898

There is not a newspaper in the smaller towns of the state which has the patronage it deserves. 

With few exceptions the testimonies of the editors say that they are working “uphill”; the labor is large and their reward is small, and yet the newspaper does more for the town than any other agency. 

A New York state doctor aged 109 volunteered his services to the president recently and expressed a desire to enter the army as a surgeon. Even at his advanced years, he can read without glasses and walks ten to fifteen miles a day. 

(Adv.) You can get two slates for a nickel at the News office.


81 years ago: August 1940

Granville “Jasper” Dick Floyd Jr. of this city was among a group of Arkansas young men accepted into the US Navy by the Little Rock recruiting office Tuesday, and he with the others of the party has been sent to San Diego, California for training.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bell and daughter Lorena left Monday for Dallas where Mrs. Bell will purchase new fall goods for the Belle Shoppe here in Nashville.

(Adv.) Gums that itch or burn can become mighty trying. Druggist will return your money if the first bottle of “Leto’s” fails to satisfy.  Hale and Hale

Little Mister Seedling at Dierks Pine Tree Pageant – Chase Cobb, center; first-runner up Drew Walston, left, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shane Walston of Dierks; and second-runner up Michael Nava, right. Aug. 4, 1994.


58 years ago: August 1963

A mule-drawn dilapidated wagon followed by a cloud of flies and insects wafting in unpleasant odors is a Nashville method of picking up garbage and trash. The State Board of Health has recommended strongly that the city go to a scheduled twice weekly pickup in the residential areas for both garbage and trash as a sanitary program.

Southwestern Bell Telephone’s new Nashville office has been completed. The workers made the final move Saturday of office furniture to their new location at Third and Howard. Western Electric Company has begun installing equipment for Nashville’s new dial system which will go into effect in December.


38 years ago: August 1983

Dr. Dennis Wells has opened his office at 207 West Cassady Street in Nashville in the South Park Shopping Center. Dr. Wells and his wife Pam recently moved to Nashville from Memphis, where he graduated from the University of Tennessee Dental School. Pam will teach at Mineral Springs this fall.

A power outage in Little Rock last week trapped Sally Ellis aboard an elevator in a hotel. Her husband, Sim, said he was not responsible. He was attending a business meeting of oil folks.

Apt description of a mule.  A creature with no pride of ancestry, no hope of progeny.

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