Diamond John’s back open with renovations


    MURFREESBORO — Diamond John’s Riverside Retreat, a tourist favorite, was closed until March 15 earlier this year, according to a press release.

    Renovations included:

    • Replacing all the plumbing in the cabins to make them more durable in inclement weather. This includes shower heads and faucets and hot water tanks.

    • Replacing windows and the front facade and door of the tree cabin that was damaged during a major storm last year, as well as cutting down all the trees that were affected by the storm and leaving the logs to be repurposed by guests for firewood.

    • Painting and deep cleaning the canvas of the medium teepees, while also tearing down the older teepees including the grandmaster and the one by the edge of the river because they are too old to be rented out. Two new teepees to replace the old ones.

    • Cabin decks will be repaired and all railings and steps will be restored in order to meet safety standards.

    • A pest control company has been hired to take care of issues of nature to the best of their ability, with the disclaimer that being right next to a forest reserve, it is almost impossible to be free of insects like spiders and bees.

    The release stated that the establishment will make sure that guests get clean sheets, but those who are camping in the teepees are required to bring their own unless special arrangements are made.

    Due to COVID-19 a special emphasis is being made to disinfect surfaces in the cabins, while hot tubs remain closed until further notice.

    “We remain committed to providing excellent service in an effort to make the stay of our guests as pleasant as possible,” said the release.

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