Home Breaking News Reserved seating may return for Scrapper fall football

Reserved seating may return for Scrapper fall football


The Nashville School District is considering the sale of reserved seats at Scrapper Stadium for the upcoming football season.

Superintendent Doug Graham said the possibility of selling reserved seats “is a sign of progress” in combating Covid-19.

Graham said he expects to make a recommendation to the school board June 21 “to go back to reserved seats” at the stadium.

However, any upticks in Covid-19 cases between now and the first home game could cause a change of plans. “If we do it, and at the first of September we have limited capacity, we’ll return the money” to those who purchased tickets, Graham said.

There were no reserved seats in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

If the return to the orange reserved chair backs happens this season, “Those who had them two years ago will have first chance” at ordering them for 2021, Graham said.

The stadium has 330 chair backs.

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