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Howard County Farmers’ Market opens May 7


Elias “Julio” Fuentes, the manager of the Howard County Farmers’ Market, is reopening the market Friday, May 7 at 7 a.m. 

“Last year we hit a bit of a slump due to all the COVID restrictions and some weather issues but this year we hope that both vendors and customers will be eager to get back to normal now that the restrictions have eased up,” said Fuentes.

The market is open every Friday morning starting in May and continuing through the last Friday in September.

“We are still following practices that will slow the spread of COVID, such as the 6-foot social distancing rule and wearing of gloves by the vendors. Masks will be at the discretion of the vendors and shoppers.”

The market is also continuing this year with the acceptance of WIC vouchers and participates in the SNAP Double Up Food Bucks program. Just look for the sign at the vendor’s table indicating that they participate with one or both of those programs.

Fuentes add that he is also seeking persons who make homemade crafts to consider joining the Farmers’ Market to add some variety to what is being offered at the market.

So, anyone interested in selling items that fall into this category, they are invited to email Fuentes at the Farmers’ Market email account at hcfm.manager@gmail.com or contact him through the Farmers’ Market Facebook page at @HowardCountyFarmersMarket.  

“It has been a stressful time that our community has gone through and hopefully a visit to the Farmers’ Market will be one of the events in your week that will give you a sense of returning to normalcy.”

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