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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: April 1898

In obedience to general order #2, new series emanating from General Headquarters, Center Point, Arkansas, March 28, 1898; I hereby assume command of the 3rd Regiment, Arkansas State Guard and announce Captain F. W. Lee as adjutant who will be respected accordingly. James F. Smith Colonel Commanding 

Hon. W. J. Lee has written to Governor Jones tendering his services in the war between Spain and the United States.       


85 years ago: April 1936

A 35-foot white coach drawn by a motor car and equipped with various kinds of Norge household appliances will arrive in Nashville Friday morning and will be stationed at the Nashville Motor Company, the local Norge dealer.  This coach fitted with modern kitchen cabinets has installed in it Norge appliances for viewing.

(Adv.) At the Gem Theatre, Sunday and Monday, the Dionne Quintuplets in “The Country Doctor” with Jean Hersholt and June Lang. 

The greatest youngsters in the world are shown for the first time. Also, selected Vitaphone shorts.


Politics, movie stars and prize drawings draw big Main Street crowds, circa 1956.

58 years ago: April 1963

L. D. Allen, better known as “Sewing Machine Allen,” is warming up his larynx for the season. He will be ready with his witty jibes when the first baseball is pitched. Right now he is telling about a cow he once owned.  The bovine grazed the south pasture close to a saw dust pile.  “I can drink the milk all right, but the splinters were hard to swallow.”

You can stop worrying about invasion from Mars because Martians probably don’t exist. Evidence has been discovered that indicates Mars’ atmosphere contains enough nitrogen peroxide, a poisonous reddish-brown gas, to make existence of life as we know it impossible.

Miss Rosemary Clooney, star of stage, screen and radio, will be featured entertainer for the 4th annual Arkansas Poultry Festival to be held in Little Rock in June.  


38 years ago: April 1983

“Preschool Fitness” will be presented in song and dance during The Little Red School House closing of school recital. The annual event is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. Friday April 29 in the Elementary Auditorium. Narrators for the popular spring-time program include Tadd McCullough, Jason Cross, Marc Carozza, Rebecca Alford, Jenny Power and Kristi Cooley.

From “This is Arkansas”: Shock waves from the New Madrid earthquake of 1811-1812 were recorded in Boston, New Orleans, and parts of Canada. The sunken lands of Northeast Arkansas were created by the quakes which continued for several months.

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