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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago:  March 1898

Sam Napier, a prominent grocer of Birmingham, Alabama, was attacked by a mad horse in his backyard and bitten and stomped so badly that he died. The brute next sprang a fence and ran into a railroad yard and plunged into a narrow path between a fence and a string of cars and killed himself.  On the way he bit two other horses. It was thought that the horse had been bitten by a mad dog.

A call to the Republicans of Howard County: You are hereby notified to meet at Center Point, Arkansas, in the courthouse at 11 a.m. May 14, 1898, for the purpose of reorganizing the Republican County Central Committee. 


88 years ago:  April 1933

I am a little girl nine years old. I made 85 A’s, 7 B’s and 1 C in four terms of 6 months each. Ella Mae Denson.

Eleven cars of radishes were shipped from Nashville yesterday afternoon and many more cars are in the fields ready to harvest if market will warrant harvesting and packing. The first of the crop brought a fairly good price, but the price is dropping so some of the growers yesterday doubted continuance for many days. 

(Adv.) When you choose your powder, it’s not just a makeup, it’s an atmosphere, a breath of softness to a satiny skin. This ad will entitle Mrs. Bertha Adams to something new in toiletries if presented by May 1.  Owl Drug Co. phone 185


Young Nashville News employees. Adrian, Alex and Darrel Williams. Taken from the 100th anniversary commemorative issue of the Nashville News, Nov. 21, 1978.

70 years ago: 1951

A Nashville soldier, wounded in action in Korea last month, telephoned his family here this week. Sargent First Class Carlos Hamilton, wounded in action on February 7, called his wife and children Charles, Joan and Alice Jane here Wednesday. Recuperating in Tokyo, where he said he expected to be back in action within two days.

Sgt. Ray Edwards, a native of Nashville, has been missing in action in Korea since February 13. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Edwards of Nashville, Route 2 were notified this week. Sgt. Edwards has been in Korea over seven months and has seen combat almost the entire time. He was with the 15th Field Artillery which is part of the Second Division. 


38 years ago:  March 1983

A Nashville man was hospitalized for three days with injuries suffered when his car crashed into a house at the end of a police chase early Saturday morning. Eddie Lee White, 40, of Route 5, Nashville faces charges.  White crashed into the Bobby Smith home on a hilltop curve near the city limits on the Chapel Hill Road. The utility room of the brick house was heavily damaged.  It was the second time the home has been struck by a car. A driver was killed in the previous wreck in 1970.

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