Home Breaking News Record-low temps ‘devastating’ to local peach crop

Record-low temps ‘devastating’ to local peach crop


The area’s peach crop of 2021 appears to be a victim of the ‘Deep Freeze’ winter storm of mid-February when temperatures dipped to a record minus-14 here.

In a social media post, Jamison Orchard’s Lou Jamison said that “Sub zero did a number on 2021 peach crop.”

She wrote that it appears to be a total loss, “Devastating beyond words.”

Jamison said that swelling buds had shriveled and fallen from the trees.

Center Point orchardist Tim Jones said that the next week to 10 days would tell the story of the 2021 crop.

He said his orchard still had a few buds and he was hopeful of more.

The Nashville area record record-low temperatures and about a foot of snow.

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