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Plans move ahead for Murfreesboro Farmers’ Market


By Christina Myrkle

Volunteer Market Manager

Volunteers from around Pike County are partnering with the Murfreesboro Chamber of Commerce to help local farmers and consumers with the development of a farmers’ market.  

Farmers’ markets have been gaining in popularity nationwide in the past five years, but with the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are looking for more local and fresh options when it comes to their produce selections.

In 2020, the online sales of home goods and garden products grew by nearly 63 percent, a clear indication that consumers are looking for more fresh healthy choices regarding their produce.  

A farmers’ market would provide not only for the local consumers, but also an opportunity for local farmers, giving them the opportunity to increase profits over selling to wholesalers or large grocery firms. 

It would also cut down in the amount of time the produce is in transport, allowing for not only fresher choices to the consumer, but reduced costs for the farmer. 

Another benefit for the farmer is the variety of produce and goods that are offered at a farmers market, which can attract a more diverse group of consumers. Farmers are able to provide a selection of in-season fruits and vegetables direct to the consumer, whether that consumer is a local resident or a visitor to the area.

Honey, handmade soaps, and organic options are just a few that could be offered to those shopping the market. 

Another wonderful benefit to a local farmers’ market is what it brings to the community, such as an increased awareness of attractions in the surrounding area and activities that are offered, including our local parks and camping, entertainment, festivals, as well as the foot traffic to local businesses and restaurants, hopefully encouraging the consumer to come for the farmers’ market and stay for the day exploring the rest of what Murfreesboro has to offer.

The Murfreesboro Farmers’ Market will be a place where local farmers support local families by bringing quality fresh choices directly to the consumer.

If you are a farmer that is seeking a place to sell your produce or handmade product, please reach out to our Volunteer Market Manager at (870) 925-3413 for further details on becoming part of the Murfreesboro Farmers’ Market

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