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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: February 1898

General R. G. Shaver of Centre Point, General James F. Smith and Captain D. E. Terry of Nashville went to Little Rock Monday to tender their services in case there is war with Spain.  These men are all as brave as lions and would give a good account of themselves if called into active service.

The “Old Maids” convention will convene at Johnson Hall next week. Admission will be 25 cents. 

The proceeds will be used by the young ladies in furnishing the new Methodist Church.

(Adv.) The Joel B. Frazier Whiskey is a double stamped straight handmade sour mash Bourbon sold by C. N. Conway, Washington, Arkansas


88 years ago:  March 1933

With a speed seldom ever seen in governmental affairs President Roosevelt, his cabinet and leaders of Congress have this week whipped into shape a program which it is believed will give immediate relief to the financial crisis in this country and start a normal flow of money through all channels. The plan as was finally agreed upon Wednesday night by President Roosevelt and his advisers calls for an additional many billions of dollars to the currency for the country giving adequate funds for putting the country back to work.

(Adv.) We have just received a car of extra fine selected Nebraska triumph seed potatoes.  To those who do not have the ready cash or bank deposit, we will exchange potato seeds for peas of all kinds, also sweet potatoes. Bring them in bushel baskets. For those without peas or sweet potatoes we will exchange for anything of value. The Nashville Seed Store.


48 years ago:  August 1973

Fred Wilkes of Mineral Springs has been listed to the cross country team at Southern State College in Magnolia for the coming school year. Wilkes is a graduate of Mineral Springs High School and is a freshman at SSC.

Becke Sullivan of Nashville has been listed as one of seven members of the Southern State College cheerleaders who plan to attend a cheerleading clinic in Dallas Texas this month.  Miss Sullivan is a 1970 graduate of Nashville High School and is a senior at SSC.


38 years ago:  February 1983

1927 graduates of Nashville High School

The popular television show “Believe It or Not” filmed the segment for Sunday February 13th show at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro last Friday. The show will tell the story of the diamond mine and air at 6 p.m. Approximately 75 local people will appear in this special segment.

  A fifty-six year old poultry company employee was killed Thursday in a fall at a Nashville feed mill. Jimmy C. Bowers of Route 5, Nashville was dead upon arrival at Memorial Hospital according to the police investigative report.  Bowers’ death was due to an accidental fall inside the Sunny Side Feed Mill, south of Nashville.   Bowers customarily inspected feed bins on the fifth floor of the mill. He apparently fell from the fifth floor to the second. Two nearby fellow workers heard a noise near the man-lift shaft in the mill and upon inspection found Bowers. 

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