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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: February 1898

Senator Teller states, “The Republican Party is in power.  I attack it on the grounds that it is the gold standard party. 

“I will destroy it if I can. I hope to see it go down in defeat in 1900, and if living I pledge do all in my power to bring it to grief.”

Sad effects of the tobacco  habit exemplified in Connecticut the other day when a woman 95 years old, who had smoked since she was sweet 16, set her dress on fire when sparks fell from her pipe and was burned to death.

(Adv.) Whenever a druggist tells you he has something ‘just as good’ for coughs, colds, grip, etc. as Dr. Heil’s Pine-Tar Honey, he is thinking of his profits and not of your welfare. Good druggist will sell you what you ask for.


88 years ago: January 1933

Eight cases of smallpox all in one family have been reported by Mrs. Nell Eads, county health nurse for Howard County.

The contest for a name for the new service station just across the pavement from the high school building has been closed, with Hardy Roberson winning the $2.50 cents in gold. The name accepted is Station VVV.  The contest was open to all school children. 

Volmer V. Vick is the manager of the station, which will be formally opened Monday.

Main Street, Nashville in an early photo showing deep snow over the dirt.

(Adv.) M System “Saves for the Nation.” Specials for Friday and Saturday; pork and beans , 4 Cents per can; peanut butter, 22 cents per jar; tuna, large can 25 cents; coffee, 4 lbs. 49 cents; sugar, 10 lbs. 41 cents; flour, 40 lbs., 85 cents.


70 years ago: January 1951

Howard County’s baby of the year is Charles Edward Murry born at Memorial Hospital Monday morning to Mr. and Mrs. William T. Murry of Center Point.

A car parked in the city’s meat market block was stolen about 7:30 Saturday night. It has not been recovered.  

Charles McKinnon of Murfreesboro parked the 1941 black two-door Ford near the White Way café about 7:30 and went inside to eat. Upon returning he found the car was gone. He had left the key in the car.


38 years ago: January 1983

A shoot-out between two brothers left one dead and one wounded early Saturday morning at Mineral Springs  

The shooting occurred at the residence of brothers David E. Hosey, 27 and Otis Hosey, Jr., 33, south of Mineral Springs on the Cottonshed Road. Dead is David Hosey, who suffered a .22 pistol wound to the chest, wounded was Otis Hosey, whose leg was badly wounded with a shot from a 30.06.

(Adv.) Sunset Grocery located at 400 West Sunset, Nashville Arkansas. Shur-fine frozen donuts, 99 cents; green cabbage, fresh, 10 cents a lb.; yellow onion, new crop, 19 cents. Prices good through Saturday.

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