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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


123 years ago: February 1898

Dr. T. J. Draper of Mineral Springs writes a column in the Arkansas Democrat showing the evils of the  jury system, saying that ignorant men should not act as jurors, that an unanimous verdict should not be required, and he finally suggested that it should be the duty of the judge to decide the case in place of a jury.

The case of Will Branch charged with the murder of Henry Fagan in Pike County was dismissed yesterday, and the grand jury was instructed not to find a bill against Rel Fagan, who allegedly shot twice at Branch last Monday. Both parties agreed to leave town, and it is hoped that this will lead to a cessation of hostilities. 

The editor of the News expects to be in court at Centre Point several days next week, and he is prepared to give receipts for amounts due on subscriptions. If you owe the paper, we shall expect you to be prepared to pay. 


88 years ago: January 1933

From the county superintendent of schools, J. H. Dodson. “Let’s begin the New Year with vim, vigor and vitality. Let the dead past bury the dead. Let’s look up not down, out not in, forward not back and lend a hand.”

Bert Johnson, chairman of the Red Cross Relief Committee for Howard County, yesterday announced that three more cars of flour will be received in the county within the next few days for distribution to the needy in the county. 

One of the cars will be placed at Nashville, one at Dierks and one at Mineral Springs.

(Adv.) Liberty Theatre, Lupe Valez and Lee Tracy in “Heroes of the West.”


Hunters and their dogs circa 1890 include Will Compton, Elmer Compton, Luther Hooker, Dock Compton, Sam Hooker, Rile Compton and John Hooker.

70 Years ago: January 1951

Pvt. Robert W. Tyndall 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Tyndall, of Nashville has completed his AF Basic Airman Introduction course at Lackland Air Force Base, the “Gateway to the Air Force.”  Lackland, situated near San Antonio, is the world’s largest Air Force base center for Air Force basic training for airmen. 

James R. (Coon) Ferguson of Nashville, playing the bass drum in the Arkansas Tech Band at Russellville, was featured in an issue of the Arka-Tech recently. 

There was lots of praise in the column for his work since the beginning of school.


38 years ago:  January 1983

Bryan Chesshir figured out the two given clues and found the hundred dollar treasure offered by Barney B. Smith of the Eagle Service Station contest. Smith says the response has been so great that he will sponsor another contest.

(Adv.) Sunset Grocery, 400 West Sunset, Nashville, Arkansas. Shurfine frozen donuts, 99 cents; green cabbage, fresh, 10 cents a lb.;  yellow onions, new crop, 10 cents. Prices good through Saturday.

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