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Substance Abuse Coalition forming in Hempstead, Howard counties


Families in Hempstead and Howard counties have a new opportunity to be the solution for their younger family members when it comes to substance abuse. AFMC is recruiting a consortium of organizations who will serve the people in the southwest region of Arkansas.

The “Substance Abuse Resource Assistance Coalition” (SARAC) will coordinate services for young victims of opioid and substance misuse crime, by helping families find resources and services.

“Dealing with the threat of going to foster care plus trying to cope with family incarceration, overdoses, drug violence and other traumatic events are things no child should have to face alone. They need help and SARAC is poised to deliver it,” Ray Hanley, president and CEO of AFMC, said.

The SARAC coalition provides families in crisis with comprehensive family-centered treatment services for both child welfare and substance abuse treatment. AFMC manages the SARAC resource center that responds to referrals initiated by community partners such as health care providers, law enforcement agencies, courts and schools.

The resource center opened July 1, 2020.

Hempstead and Howard counties were chosen for the U.S. Department Of Justice grant in 2020.

For more information about  the coalition, email SARAC@afmc.org or call 866-253-1164.

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