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Mine Creek Revelations: Socks and Health


YES, I AM STILL HERE looking out my window on Main Street, and I want to ask the guys out there about how often they wear a pair of socks without changing them.

Guys: Do you remain in the 4-6 weeks cycle even after the change of seasons?

Seems to me that after the temps drop for a few degrees us menfolks ought to be able to extend the wearable time by at least a week or two.

Me? I don’t hardly wear socks at all May thru October except for funerals and Sunday church. Otherwise, I wear shoes that don’t need socks. For one thing, it’s a problem getting the socks on. It’s because my feet are located so far from my hands.

Usually I can squirm around and manage to get my left sock on, but it takes the help of several neighbors to bend me over enough so I can force the sock over my right foot.

This all changes when toenails get longer than a few inches. I have to find a way to pull the socks on over the talons. The toetalons tend to grab aholt of the socks and don’t let go, even under extreme cussing.

It seems to me that it would only be common sense for Howard Memorial Hospital to add in-home toenail trimming assistance to the previously proposed Senior Citizens Ear and Nose Hair Clinic.

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NEWS AND OPINION. Had a call last week from an unhappy subscriber who was very mad because of Brenda Blagg’s column on the opinion page. We run Brenda’s column partly because we’ve known her for so long. She’s an excellent writer and knows a lot about state government, especially. We do not censure her or tell her what to write about.

This particular caller was mad because Brenda had not been complimentary of our President. As I said, her column is on the opinion page, not on any of the news pages.

Our news coverage is — at least in my opinion — pretty balanced and fair. We’ve actually run more articles about Republican and Trump doings than we have of Democrat doings. We didn’t get any calls from Democrat readers complaining about our articles on the Trump flotillas and car caravans.

News and opinion — This is nothing new. Newspapers are supposed to keep their leanings out of news reporting. One of the problems with social media is that there is no balance, no distinction between opinion and what the social media source presents as news.

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ANIMAL CRACKERS. Have heard several other people say that they’ve seen a plethora of deer out along rural roads. And Tuesday morning our former Howard County Circuit Clerk Kay McClure reported seeing three deer in the grassy behind Arvest Bank on South Main Street.

Kay says it’s the loss of deer habitat, and I don’t doubt her one bit.

I was reminded of the time a deer leaped through a glass door into NAPA Auto Parts on South Main. I was unable to tell Kay exactly how ‘they’ got the deer out from between the shelves of fanbelts and motor oils.

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ON THE OBITUARY page in this issue you’ll see the obituary of Judith McClure Ponder Parrish.

She was a native of Nashville, several years older than I. Her family lived in the house at the corner of Shepherd and Second Streets. She had been away from her hometown for a long, long time when she died.

Because there are probably not many people who will remember a Nashville coed named Judith McClure let me say that if you listed a dozen of the alltime great Scrapperette basketball players she would surely be on the list. Up near the top.

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ELECTION BE GONE! Now. Right now! I mean it. Git! Scram!

The only problem is that when Election Day has passed the losing team will probably not accept the result and our nation will continue to have mayhem. As a country we’ve been sinking in this direction for several years. Remember when politicians were civil to each other?

I don’t care which side you are on, you should be alarmed at the groups that blocked the Biden/Harris campaign bus as it traveled down the Interstate in Texas.

This is comparable to the BLM protesters blocking streets and roads, in my opinion. Also, in my opinion, it is voter intimidation, and America is better than either of those.

I am fearful, but I hope our nation can continue to be one in which the election outcome is settled by ballot, not by bullet.

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THINGS I LEARNED from opening (and believing) anonymous emails. “Law of Logical Argument — Anything is possible if you don’t know what you are talking about.”

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WORD GAMES. Another set of siblings: Liver and Onions. ‘Food for the Gods” to some folks; makes others just a little queasy at the thought. I pity the latter.

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HE SAID: “Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” Denis Waitley, motivational speaker

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SHE SAID: “We spend the first twelve months of our children’s lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.” Phyllis Diller, comedian

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