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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: July 1896

Mr. D. P. Wallace went to the White Cliffs Wednesday. He said that they are doing a big lot of work there and several people from this part of the country are there at work. 

He says they need a hotel or boarding house as it is now almost impossible to get any kind of accommodations. 

Two story houses are being built about a mile this side of the works. About one hundred hands are being worked and are paid off once a month.


90 years ago: April 1930

Snow Crawford, twelve- year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Crawford of Nathan, died in the hospital at Texarkana last Thursday.  The little girl had stuck a splinter under the toe nail of one of her feet sometime before she was taken ill, but it was believed that all the splinter had been removed.  The wound healed nicely and no fears were entertained as to the outcome. When the child became ill and was taken to the hospital it was found a small piece of the splinter had remained in the foot. An attending physician said that the tetanus germ had entered through the wound caused by the splinter. Tetanus is considered an incurable disease.

The Liberty Theatre has offered Nashville Schools a plan for securing money for the library fund and the offer has been accepted. Tickets to the show at the Liberty will be sold by the pupils and part of the proceeds will go to the school library. The tickets will not be good for the big feature coming soon, “The Rogue Song.”


Jane Terrell, Rita Dabbs, Marie Davis, Hattie Smedley and Buel Hawkins, owners of Murfreesboro firms planning a sidewalk sale in February 1975.

66 years ago: September 1954

Visitors to the tenth annual Four-States Fair will have the opportunity to see Grand Ole Opry favorite Red Foley, whose music is popular throughout the nation whether it be a ballad such as “Peace in the Valley” or his famous rolling rocking “Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy.”

There were nearly 4,100 poll tax holders in Howard County through the summer elections and the present sells indicate there will be just about the same number for the elections after October 1st deadline for paying the $1.00 tax. Sheriff Collector Chesshir said Friday that some 2,924 receipts had been issued by that morning which is just one short of the total for this time last year.

40 years ago: August 1980

Cleo McCorkle has always considered herself an American. Now it is official. The fifteen-year- old Nashville High School sophomore received her citizenship document during a ceremony at Memphis, Tennessee, on July 29. 

That ceremony followed a year-long wait after she made application for the status.  She was born in 1965 at Stuttgart, Germany, on an American base to American parents. Even though she was considered an American, her foreign birthplace limited her from certain U.S. government jobs and military service. That barrier no longer exists. Cleo is the daughter of Doris Ray of Nashville.

A Nashville child, Lynn Sillivan of Route 1, was bitten by a ground rattler snake Wednesday morning. The eleven-year old boy was taken to Howard Memorial Hospital where he was treated and kept for observation. Sillivan was under a house going after a kitten when the snake bit him on the wrist.

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