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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: August 1896

Two men from Van Zant County, Texas were here Monday afternoon looking for a horse thief, who stole two mules and a horse in that county about two or three weeks ago. 

They followed him to Ozan where they lost the track and went off toward Arkadelphia while the thief went toward Mineral Springs.  The horses were traded off near Brown’s Town and were recovered by the owner, but the thief has yet to be caught.

Uncle Dave D. Reeder died at his home two miles north of Centre Point last Saturday afternoon. He came to this state from Alabama in 1849 and was in his 78th year.  He was treasurer of this county for six years in the 1870s. He was a good man and a useful citizen. He had been afflicted for nearly a year. The News sympathizes with the family.


90 years ago: August 1930

Garrett Whiteside, secretary to Senator T. H. Carraway of Washington, who with his wife and daughter arrived in the city Friday for a visit with homefolks, tells of an incident on his trip home that shows exclusively the results of being courteous to travelers. Mr. Whiteside told the News, “On our way home, we stopped at a filling station in middle Tennessee. When we told the man in charge that we were going to Arkansas, he said, ‘Well, I will tell you one town in that state that is a good one. On a trip out West we stopped there for dinner, each way. Everybody we saw boosted the town and country, and I tell you folks that is one good town.’ Upon being asked the name of the town, he said, ‘A town in the Southwestern part of the state named Nashville.’” 


Harold Dabbs, left, of the Murfreesboro Jaycees and Rufus Estes and Jeff Bell of the Mineral Springs Jaycees discuss a Personal Dynamics course in leadership to be given at Mineral Springs, November 1974.

70 years ago: March 1950

“Today in many Howard County homes the comics and radio are replacing the traditional family circle in providing entertainment for the children,” home demonstration agent Dorothy Givens told home makers. Reading aloud, either one person or in turns by the parents, is a fine way of creating sharing in a family group.

Nashville’s Main Street will soon have three traffic lights. The council decided in Monday night’s regular meeting that the increasing traffic needed regulation, particularly on three busy corners. 

No definite locations were selected Monday, but the alderman favor placing lights at the intersection of Highway 27 and North Main, near the Ball Chevrolet Company, the intersection near the First National Bank and at the intersection near the Elberta Theatre. 


40 years ago: March 1980

Paul Wayne Tollett, a native and a graduate of Nashville High School, was appointed Nashville Elementary School principal by the school board in an extended personnel session Monday night. 

Thirty-one-year-old Tollett, who has been principal at Mineral Springs since 1977, succeeds John Shaddox, who last month was elevated to assistant superintendent with special duties.

  Friday is “Rock and Roll” Jamboree Day for three local nursing homes. The benefit event is to raise funds for the American Heart Association. Golden Age Home, Benson Nursing Home and Nashville Nursing Home will sponsor events locally. Nursing home residents will rock in rocking chairs and roll in wheel chairs to raise money for the American Heart Association.

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