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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: February 1896

The Baptist Church here gave the pastor, Rev. C. W. Strickland, a furlough last Friday and he went up to the country north of Centre Point on Holly Creek and remained until Monday. He preached several sermons for the people and was pleased with his trip.

A preacher in Dallas, Texas said that Adam’s skin was red and he would pass for an Indian, if he were living today. It was certain that he did not act very well when he turned state evidence against Eve.

(Adv.) Elegant women should use Bradfield’s Female Regulator. It is a superb tonic and exerts a wonderful influence in strengthening her system by driving through the proper channels all impurities. Health and strength are guaranteed as a result from its use.


90 years ago: January 1930

Recently when Mademoiselle Flo Leroy was doing her magic acts at the Liberty Theatre in this city, Ms. Marian Darling ask when she would see her sister, Mrs. E. R. Thompson, who lives in Detroit, and whom Ms. Darling did not expect to see until next summer. Mademoiselle Leroy stated that Mrs. Thompson would arrive in the city within two weeks. Saturday night the prediction came true when Mrs. Thompson, accompanied by Mr. Thompson, arrived for an unexpected visit.

(Adv.) Corns, the kind that are better killed than cultivated, that grow where they ought not to grow to your great discomfort. Penslar Corn Callade kills them sure. Price 25 cents, Nashville Drug Store


In April 1977 the Nashville News ran a feature story by Jane Graves entitled “The ‘Thing’ We Have for Plants.” This picture of Pam Ball and her plants was one of several made by John Graves included with the story.

70 years ago: February 1950

Hazel Walker’s Arkansas Travelers romped over the Nashville Joel Chandler American Legion Basketball team, 51 to 46, at Whiteside Hall here Sunday afternoon before a capacity crowd of yelling fans.

Officers Thursday captured one of the largest moonshine stills ever found in Howard County, and arrested one of three operators surprised while making mash.  The still was running full blast in Clay Township, five miles south of Athens, when Sheriff Arthur E. Hicks, Deputy Lundy Parsons and state officer Bobby Cummings found it. The officers found 480 gallons of mash and 12 gallons of whiskey, produced in all-copper equipment which included a 200 gallon copper pot. 


41 years ago: September 1979

Gov. Bill Clinton and a group of Arkansans will leave for the Far East Sept. 6 for visits to Taipei, Taiwan and Osaka, Japan to promote exports of Arkansas commodities including soybeans, forest products, poultry and cotton. Gov. Clinton will return Sept. 15, while the others continue on to Hong Kong. 

Thirty per cent of the overall cost of the trip will be paid by the Taiwan government.  The group will be hosted by Sanyo and Daiwa steel.  Among those who will pay all their own expenses will be the governor’s wife and his press secretary.

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