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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: Jan. 1896

Mr. John W. Reese, a prominent young man of Corinth, left Thursday for Quanah, Texas where he will reside in the future.

Mr. H. B. Pope of Anson, Texas arrived here Wednesday to look at the country with a view of locating. He owns a large stock ranch in Jones County and wants to sell out and settle in Arkansas.  He wants to buy a farm near town.


110 years ago: Feb. 1910

By far the worst blizzard of the season swept over Southwest Arkansas this week. The “norther” swept down Wednesday afternoon with a cold rain which turned to sleet. After the ground had been covered with sleet, a heavy snow came. The weather continued to grow colder until the thermometer registered 3.5 degrees above 0, Friday.


70 years ago: January 1950

Mack Brewer, who lives on the Little Missouri River, killed a hog that was only 18 months old that weighed 384 pounds.

Arkansas did not have a polio case reported last week. It was the first week in eight months that a case was not reported.  There have been 40 deaths this past year in Arkansas from polio.  

Some veterans now in mental hospitals could step back into normal life if their relatives and neighbors would help them, the Veterans Administration believes. But the nation’s forgotten men are shunned by those who knew them before their illnesses.  One-third of more than 52,000 mental patients in Veteran’s hospitals have not had a visitor in over a year, a VA survey showed.

(Adv.)  Dry Cleaning Special, Ladies suits cleaned and pressed, 50 cents. If you have not tried our service, give us a trial. You will like it. Nu-Way Cleaners and Laundry. Phone 22, Nashville.

 36 years ago: March 1984


John Westfall, Alan Green and Steve Spigner call for new members in the Farm Bureau membership drive February 1992.

Remember Gorgeous George, the wrestler who wore orchid colored clothes and drove an orchid limousine? Well, George is now wrestling with the devil. He’s on the preaching circuit, Bible in hand. GG ceased wrestling in 1963, then turned to promoting the shows and finally was saved.

Hempstead County caucus chairmen, cherishing their independent status, struck out the Democratic pledge contained in the caucus statement delegates were required to sign.  Tiny Morris and JP Ford Ward were among the dissenters. 

By most measures, Arkies are independent. Telling them how to vote is like spitting in the wind.

124 years ago: January 1896

United States marshals arrested eight men for making illicit whiskey eighteen miles north of Centre Point this week and captured two large copper stills with a capacity of over 100 gallons each. 

Mr. S. V. Littlefield of Madison Township was in town Tuesday. He has a complicated case of relationship that is quite a puzzle. There is a lady in his neighborhood who is his first cousin, also his fourth cousin. Her husband is his second cousin.  

Now the children of this union are his second and fifth cousins on their mother’s side and third cousin on their father’s side. Mr. Littlefield is very anxious to know the exact relationship of this second, fourth and fifth cousin who is one and the same person. 


90 years ago:  July 1930

The last of the systematic dipping to be done in Howard County in connection with the tick eradication program was done yesterday. It was reported by H. B. Aldridge, U.S. Supervisor in charge of the work in the county.  

Practically all the cattle in the county have been released from dipping several months ago, a few being held under local quarantine because of small infestation. 

At a few vats in the county a dipping will be had in four weeks, with this extra dipping being for range cattle to ensure perfect freedom from ticks.

When a well was dug at a filling station at Bingen a few days ago, quite an unusual thing happened. The well which is of the old type dug well, about 3 feet across and was dug to a depth of about 25 feet where a solid rock was struck.  

An old augur was secured with which to drill the rock for placing dynamite, and when the augur was withdrawn a strong stream of water came from the hole, coming so fast it was impossible to place the dynamite in the hole. The well was left as it was and the next morning the water was running over the top in a fair size stream.


70 years ago:  January 1950

Three men who served as Howard County Judge. Left to right; John Howell, O’Neal Davidson and Olin Flemister

Corporal Ruth Lord WAC of the Texarkana Army and Airforce recruiting services was at the Nashville Recruiting office Monday for the purpose of taking applications for enlistment in the Army and Air Force. 

WAC Cpl. Lord said single women between the ages of 18 and 34 are eligible for enlistment.Divorcees without children will be accepted.

The Chester McCaskill store at McCaskill was entered and robbed Thursday night in the latest of a series of robberies over Hempstead County in the past three weeks. 

The thieves cut through iron bars from the back window and broke glass to gain entrance into the store and once inside looted the cashier drawer of about $25.

(Adv.) For Sale, 25 head of good broken mules, ready for work. Also, some good horses. Plenty of good rice wheat feed at $2 per hundred. C. Finn Barn at Nashville.


42 years ago: November 1978

A 25-year old Mineral Springs man drowned Thursday in a tragic accident at Lake Greeson.  

Howell “Hal” Cameron Darling, an employee of Nekoosa Edwards of Ashdown, drowned after falling from a small boat while crossing the lake near Cowhide Cove.  

Darling, a NHS grad, was part of a five-man group hunting deer near Cowhide Cove.

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