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New bridge at NPS to alter traffic patterns

SIDE-BY-SIDE BRIDGES. New, left, and old bridges over Dodson Creek near the Nashville Primary School await final work which should start within two weeks. Lying on the new bridge is a stop sign which will eventually be erected after paving and removal of the old bridge.

Parents bringing children to the Nashville Primary School this fall must make some new traffic moves.

There will be some concrete traffic “islands” that direct the flow of traffic at the dropoff point and smaller parking lot on the north side of the school building.

Nashville Public Works Director Larry Dunaway says that forming and pouring of two traffic islands must be completed before the street can be paved and the new bridge can be opened. The “old” bridge was already slated for replacement before the epic July 2019 flooding. Repairs were made so that the bridge could continue to be used.

Dunaway said that the city did not qualify for FEMA assistance to replace the bridge, so the replacement cost must be borne by the city.

One obstacle was an electric power pole which has since been moved.

Dunaway says that the old bridge will be removed and hopefully some materials will be repurposed.

Work on another bridge over Dodson Creek has been put on hold. Dunaway says that the lack of FEMA replacement funding has stopped the proposed raising the height of the short bridge on North Fourth Street near Wilson Park, the school baseball facility.