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Benefit items being sold for Pike County sheriff’s wife


At last week’s Pike County Quorum Court meeting, Pike County Judge Dewight Mack announced that Penny Hill, wife of Sheriff Travis Hill had been diagnosed with cancer.

“It will be a trying time, so keep them in your prayers,” said Mack.

According to Travis, the cancer is stage two non-Hodgkins lymphoma and that she had three tumors — one in the neck and two in her chest. A bone marrow test in Hill’s hip showed the cancer had not yet spread that far.

Hill will receive treatment through Baylor University in their Dallas-based cancer institute, which began last Friday. She will have five more treatment in three week intervals — which will include four different chemotherapy drugs and steroids — with the immediate goal of shrinking the tumors, which are interfering with her heart and lung operations, according to Travis.

“She has an awesome doctor, who is a lymphoma expert,” said Travis. “It’s an aggressive cancer, but [the doctor] has a positive outlook. He said he would try something cutting edge, giving her a 50-80 percent chance. He said the goal was for a cure and not just remission.”

While admitting she would be on a “rough road,” Travis described her as “a strong woman” who plans to keep working on her mail route during the process.

“I have to have her around — she takes care of me,” he admitted.

For those interested in helping the cause and showing support, benefit T-shirts and bracelets are being sold at the Pike County Sheriff’s Office in Murfreesboro.

The T-shirts are being sold for $20 each and are available up to size 6XL, while the bracelets are a minimum of $2 each by donation.

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