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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


88 years ago: October, 1932

The young people of the Pump Springs Community will organize a Community Club tonight and everyone in the surrounding section is urged to be present and assist in the organization.  This will add much to the community life, and it is necessary for everyone to lend his co-operation to make it successful.

A large crowd attended the singing convention at Sardis Sunday. Among the features was Mr. Green of Emmett with his big bass violin. 

Mr. Joe Reed was nominated as one of the delegates to the State Singing convention to be held at Camden next Saturday.

The second annual Howard County 4-H Club Fair opened at the Chandler Barn in Nashville yesterday morning, and the affair promises to be much better than the first which was held here last year.

(Adv.) New arrivals for fall and winter. Men’s new fall shirts, 98 cents and $1.35; new hand-made neck-wear, 69 cents; new fall suits, $10.00; new Oxfords-black, wing-tip, rubber heels &1.98 to $2.98. Geo. W. Robison & Company, Nashville and Hope’s “Leading Department Store.”


New Boy Scouts (front row) Todd Morris, Robbie Coplin, Paul Reel, Shane Upton, Dwayne Crawford, Mark Hartness, Ryan Lamb; second row: Mark Dale, Scott Harris, Minuen May, Bran VanVranken, April 1986.

77 years ago: December, 1943

Motorists are reminded by the Office of Price Administration that all B and C gasoline coupons issued after midnight Tuesday will be worth five gallons each throughout the country, while B and C coupons previously issued continue to be worth two gallons in the East and Midwest, and three gallons in the Far West until used up. In the West the maximum monthly mileage allowance for B-book holders is cut from 480 to 460 miles. In the East, it is raised from 320 to 325 miles monthly.

One of the best known ways to maintain crop yields at a permanent level is to hold the top soil. This can be done by the construction of terrace systems. The system of contour tillage which accompanied terracing has been proven to increase yields as much as 30 per cent for the first year.

S. W. Young of Center Point is completing construction of terraces on 40 acres of cropland and Gene Clardy, whose farm is north of Nashville has started construction of terraces on 10 acres of rolling sandy land.


62 years ago: 1958

Dan Futrell of Nashville has been re-elected a member of the board of directors at Arkansas Tech.

Commentators say in substance, that this is an age of sick people – in mind, in body, in soul. That fear has never so dominated and controlled people’s lives; that they are afraid to speak out.  Sanity and moderation has flown out the window.

(Adv.) TV Service at its best. Easy Pay Tire. We give fast, efficient at-home service around the clock.  Phone 100.

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