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Howard, Pike voters match state trend in primary


Howard County

A total of 1,659 ballots were cast in Howard County in the Preferential Primary Election of 2020.

Howard County voters generally supported the candidates who won statewide and in local districts. 

A total of 942 voters requested Republican ballots; 685 asked for Democrat ballots; and a total of 32 non-partisan ballots were requested.

In the local school board race for the seat for Zone 5, Tem Gunter outpolled Misty Wilson 135-54.

The votes by party included the following:

U.S. President (only listing candidates who got more than 10 votes):


Tom Steyer – 12

Elizabeth Warren – 37

Pete Buttigieg – 18

Michael Bloomberg -81

Amy Klobouchar – 29

Joseph R. Biden – 354

Bernie Sanders – 103

Biden captured Arkansas’s electoral votes.

Total Democrat votes cast 675


Donald J. Trump – 926

Trump captured Arkansas’s electoral votes.

Total GOP votes cast 936


Judicial Races

Arkansas Supreme Court

Associate Justice Pos. 4

Morgan “Chip” Welch – 700

Barbara Womack Webb – 903

Webb won the race statewide.

Court of Appeals

District 4 Position 2

Stephanie Potter Barrett – 1,002

Emily White 605

Barrett won the race district wide.

In Hempstead County, voters approved a sales tax to pay for changes to be made to the “new’ courthouse, a large downtown building which was purchased from a bank.

Pike County

In the preferential election held last Tuesday in Pike County, 772 of the 5,225 registered voters cast ballots (14.7%).

Some 230 people voted in the Democratic Primary, with results in the contested presidential race as follows:

Pike County

Primary Democratic

U.S. President

Cory Booker 2

Joe Sestak 1

Elizabeth Warren 18 

Pete Buttigieg 0

Amy Klobuchar 3

Bernie Sanders 35

Michael R. Bloomberg 26

John K. Delaney 0

Kamala Harris 0

Tulsi Gabbard 6

Steven Bullock 1

Michael Bennett 1

Andrew Yang 2

Julian Castro 1

Mosie Boyd 0

Marianna Williamson 0

Joseph R. Biden 127 

Tom Steyer 3

In the Rebublican Primary, 533 people cast ballots with results in the contested presidential race as follows:

Pike County

Primary Republican

U.S. President

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente 5

Donald J. Trump 522

Bill Weld 2

In the nonpartisan contested races, the results were as follows:

Pike County

Primary Nonpartisan

State Supreme Court Assocaite Justice Position 4

Barbara W. Webb 397

Morgan Welch 327

Court of Appeals Assocaite Judge District 4 Position 02

Stephanie P. Barrett 362

Emily White 356

School District Tax

South Pike County

For 209 

Against 188

School District Tax


For 100 

Against 46

School District Tax


For 89

Against 95

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