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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: 1896

A state law in Arkansas says that the pronunciation of the name of the state is “Arkansaw.” If speaker Reed pronounced it otherwise, he couldn’t get a single Arkansas delegate to vote for him for president.

Professor T. O. Sands has received a letter from Professor J. Jordan, state superintendent of public education instruction, stating that a three month’s Peabody Normal for Colored teachers will open at Hope on March 30, 1896.

A crowd of young people went from here to Centre Point Tuesday night to attend a concert.

(Adv.) See the new hooped skirt and bustles combined, the latest thing out at C.H.Talley & Co.


97 years ago: 1923

A flurry of “Blue Laws” made its appearance in the House last week including proposed measures regulating cut of bathing suits, prohibition of mixed swimming parties and prohibition of teaching “Darwinism” in the schools.

Mayor J. S. Butt states that there seems to be a disregard for the “Chicken Law“ in those districts covered by the law and said that the city officials are very anxious to give  the public relief from the nuisance and will do all in their power to stop the violations of the law. 

If the grafting of monkey glands prove successful, why wouldn’t the same apply to brains? There are plenty of people who need them.

Some people advocate rubbing noses as being more sanitary than kissing provided of course one does not have the sniffles.

Gene Arrington,left and R. C. Vaughn of the UA Agricultural Experimental Station examine a peach tree in the spring during the early 1970’s.


62 years ago: 1958

Sergeant First Class John N. Hosey, son of Mrs. Ethel Hosey, Route 1, Mineral Springs, recently participated in “Sabre Hawk,” a Seventh Army maneuver which involved more than 100,000 troops in Germany.  

Sergeant Hosey, a squad leader in Company One of the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment, entered the army in 1939. He holds a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star metal.

Olen Hendrix, Pike County Industrialist and banker and president of the Bank of Prescott, was among the eighteen Arkansans including Orval Faubus, who attended the Truman $100 plate dinner in Washington.  Olen is a candidate for state senator from Pike, Nevada and Hempstead Counties.

(Adv.) Elberta, Sunday and Monday, Rock Hudson, Robert Stack and Dorothy Maldne in “The Tarnished Angels,” color cartoon, “Clunked in Clink.”


42 years ago: 1978

Members of a committee of 100 women for the Ozark Folk Center attended a luncheon meeting in February at the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock. 

The Center, located at Mountain View, is an Arkansas State Park dedicated to preserving and presenting the folklore, music and crafts of the Ozark Mountains. Mrs. Robbie Stone of Nashville attended the session.

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