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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: 1896

The tide of emigration which has been flowing into the state of Arkansas for the past year is showing no diminution in numbers, though inquiries for information come from single parties and from those who desire large tracts of land for the settlement of colonies.

The temperance lecture last Friday morning and night was attended by a goodly number of our people who listened with marked attention to a wonderful and gifted Luther Benson.  The Baptist Church was crowded Friday night.  Mr. Benson holds an audience spellbound.

A bloomer is a garment that can be worn well without whiskers. A cottage is as good as a palace when shelter is wanted right bad.

(Adv.) If you are able, subscribe to every paper in the country. If you can only afford one, it should be the best.  The News


Valentine’s Day balloons, Nashville Junior High School chapter of National Honor Society, 1986: Jill Hunter, Lori Coplin, Shana Smith, Candy Goodson, Tony Newton, Kathleen Gregory and Julie Graves.

97 years ago: 1923

The trial of Roy Sellman, charged with the murder of G. G. Billings last September 21, was started in the Sevier County Court Wednesday morning. Sellman is charged with killing Billings in the latter’s office over an account which had been placed in Billings’s hand for collection.  Sellman at the time was an employee of the Kansas City Southern Railroad and Billings, an attorney. Billlings had several times garnisheed Sellman’s wages and Sellman allegedly had gone to Billings’ office and after a short quarrel, shot the attorney who died a short time later.

Proverbs of Methusaleh: “Verily I say unto thee, my son, when amongst women, do not let thy ‘right girl’ know what thy ‘left girl’ is doing.”

Notice: The Richardson Taxi Company has purchased another car and is prepared to give the best of service from Nashville to Dierks, making two trips daily. Leaving Nashville at 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., fare $1. Headquarters Nashville City Café and Dierks Hotel.

64 years ago:  1956

Neely Cassady’s use of polystatin rations-fed broilers through the local hatchery was the principal story in a booklet issued in November by the Saulsbury’s Laboratories. The booklet included a story of the profit per one-thousand birds fed by Cassady customers and inside was a photograph of Neely Cassady and John Young, hatchery operator.

Sergeant First Class John N. Hosey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Julion O. Hosey , Route 1, Mineral Springs, Arkansas, recently took part in a field training exercise held by the 4th Infantry Division in Germany. Training received by the “Ivy” Division, part of the US 7th Army, included intensive maneuvers and realistic field problems. Sergeant Hosey arrived overseas in February 1953 and has been in the army since 1939.

(Adv.) Just the way it happened. MGM presents in color and Cinemascope, Spencer Tracy and  Robert Ryan in “Bad Day at Black Rock.”


42 years ago: 1978

What is to become of Wilson Park, the baseball center for 28 years? Nashville School Board considered the deteriorating facility but came away without a solid solution.  The major problem is the lightning system with old poles and lights needing to be replaced. Superintendent Dwight Jones said he had a broad estimate of $15,000 cost to replace the poles and lights.  Where will the money be found? The directors could not answer that question.

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