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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


124 years ago: 1896

Mr. L. E. Cowling, the handsome and popular manager for the firm of W. K. Cowling, coming into the News office and finding no vessel by which he might convey the aqueous humor from that handy receptacle, commonly styled the “water bucket” to his organs of imbibition generously supplied the want by presenting us with a dipper as a companion to our office towel and wash pan.

A Western paper tells of a man, who every time he gets on a spree insists on paying a year’s subscription to his home newspaper. He has already paid through January 1st 1905. An effort was made to find out what brand of whiskey the fellow drinks and a committee was appointed to call on the salon keepers in the states adjoining to try and get them to keep it for sale over the bars.

(Adv.) Ballard’s Horehound Syrup absolutely cures bronchitis and all other diseases of the throat and the lungs. It is a guaranteed remedy. Sold by Rector’s Drug.


First National Bank President Jerry Jacobs with Nashville children who pedaled in a bike-a-thon to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital, 1992.

97 years ago: 1923

“When I die it will be my final wish that I should be buried in the sacred soil of this state that I love so well.”  In less than five minutes after these words were spoken by William Leroy Lee, Yell County representative in the Arkansas House of Representatives, uttering these words during an address on the floor yesterday afternoon, he was dead.  Mr. Lee had spoken for about 20 minutes and it was observed that he appeared to be growing weak, that his voice faltered and he appeared to be having difficulty standing. The cause of death was a stroke of apoplexy.

(Adv.) A bowl of gold fish free with a tube of Ny-Denta toothpaste, 50 cents.  Two live gold fish with sea weeds, pebbles and plants. Only one outfit per couple.  Get yours early. Peoples Drug Company.


64 years ago: 1956

Sox Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Olvy Johnson, of Murfreesboro has been commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U. S. Army and will report for duty after Jan. 15 at Fort Benning, Columbus, Ga. with the Infantry.

Cecil Kizzia, Nashville’s first Republican postmaster in quite a spell, took over January 1 as acting postmaster, succeeding the late J. B. Hill. The past few days have been a full study in postal regulations, etc., for the new postmaster who is getting a helping hand from Fred Henry.


58 years ago: 1962

A Nashville High graduate now teaching in Little Rock was the teacher featured in a language article in the Arkansas Gazette’s “Learn-a-Language” program recently.

She is Mrs. Bill Finch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hopkins, and she is teaching Spanish at the Williams Elementary School in the Little Rock system. A photograph of Mrs. Finch showed her using symbols in teaching Spanish to members of her fourth grade class.

(Adv.) DON’T FORGET:  Friday Night is Fish Night at Joda’s