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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago: 1894

A town that will build up during a great financial panic is bound to be a good town. Nashville is doing more building now than any other town in this part of the state. 

The Seventh Day Adventists closed their meeting here last Sunday night.  They were favored with large and attentive audiences, and made a very favorable impression on our people. Dr. Summerville is preaching at Independence Hall all this week.

Notice: Look Out. Those of my patrons who have colts foaled since January 1, 1894 will please come forward and pay for same at once and save trouble and expense. S. B. Reese Glendale Stock Farm


97 years ago: 1922

Bub Hamilton, a farmer age about 45 years, who lives about two miles from this place, was fatally wounded in the edge of Columbus at 4:30 this afternoon when he was shot by Henry Thomasson, also a farmer living nearby. The shooting is said to be the culmination of an old quarrel over some cotton. 

It is said the men engaged in a fist fight here last year over the same quarrel. Hamilton was unarmed. He has a wife and 10 children.  Constable Downs arrested Thomasson and left here with him.

Transporting liquor in Nashville is expensive to the person transporting, but it adds money to the city treasury. This was again proven Saturday, when Mayor A. S. Butt fined E. P. Elliott, who lives near De Queen, $105 for transporting. Elliott was arrested in this city Friday night by Marshal J. G. Reese and night marshal Tilman Ayres. 

  Lost: between Saratoga and Dillard’s School House on November the 16th a wagon sheet. Finder notify A. R. Smithson, Route 5 for a reward. 

Courtesy photo/HOWARD COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY “Uncle Jack” Manasco was one of the earliest residents of Umpire. He and his wife, Dessie, had 17 children. Picture made about 1923.


73 years ago: 1946

Farmers in the southern end of Howard County have until January 1 to comply for eligibility to participate in the 1946 malaria control program. 

There will a fee of $3.00 per house. This fee must be paid to one of the local committeemen before January 1, 1947. The spray program will be under the supervision of the State Health Department.

Notice:  We are expecting a lot of long distance calls during the holidays. There will be so many calls that circuits will be crowded beyond capacity. 

If you can call after or before the holiday rush you will have a better chance of getting through promptly. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company


47 years ago: 1952

An enterprising New Yorker in the year 1850 discovered that the long fibers from a species of corn stalks was made to order for brooms, and a new twist was given to an ancient industry. Straw replaced twigs for sweeping. 

Ebenezer Howard of Fort Hunter, New York is recognized as the founder of the broom straw business, but it was only a few years later that a Missourian, T. W. Tom Spencer, brought it to Howard County and laid the foundation for an industry that still exists today. This business is the Clark Brothers Firm at Mineral Springs which supplies most of the brooms found in the kitchens in this part of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  

(Adv.) Sing out for Falstaff, the smooth and golden mellow brew. Falstaff smooth! 

It goes down easily. Falstaff is premium quality brewing. 

You will have a smooth, golden mellow friend for life.

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