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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago: 1894

Mr. W. C. Latimer brought in a sample of coal Wednesday which he found while digging a well on his farm on the Bayou seven miles west of town.  He says the vein is quite large and the sample is a good article of coal.

Mr. R. M. Brown has removed his barber shop to the office formerly occupied by S. A. Downs, where he will be more conveniently located. Mr. Brown does good honest work and solicits a share of the public patronage.  

Lost: A red leather hand satchel between Centre Point and Nashville. Contents: A hair brush and envelope containing several notes executed by the Central Fair Association to W. C. Sypert.  The finder will confer a favor by returning to R. G. Shaver, Centre Point


Smoke stacks at Old Dierks Mill. Photo made by Cecil Harris circa 1955

97 years ago:  1922

The Holiness meeting, which has been in progress at Avers Chapel for some time, closed last night, with sixteen additions to the church. 

The services were conducted by the Rev. Clarence of Phoenix, Ariz.

A weird report by a young Negro is being investigated today by a large party who are searching the Saline River bottoms for the body of a woman reported to have been found Wednesday by the young man.

He claims that while fishing on the river he became lost and in his wanderings found the body lying behind a log in a high state of decomposition. His report is given credence because of the fact that he gave a thorough description of her appearance, describing her clothing and general appearance.  So far there is no woman missing from this section of the county that has been reported. Every effort will be made to locate the body or find evidence that the young man’s report is not true.

(Adv.) Liberty Theatre, tonight, Constance Talmadge in “Goodnight Paul,” a Selnick farce.


67 years ago:  1952

Dierks Outlaws put the ”foot” into football Friday night with a 21-19 victory over the Broken Bow Savages on Oklahoma soil. Back Wesley Cannon’s educated toe practically kicked the Savages into defeat. Three times Cannon booted the extra point through the uprights, and the three points were decisive factors in the Outlaws’ triumph.

R. L. Stelter of Route 1 near the Doyle Community brought in three inch long clusters of popcorn, strawberry red in color. The heat had popped one kernel.


45 years ago: 1974

The Howard County Heritage Club met in the Southwestern Electric Company’s hospitality room Sunday afternoon. Miss Jamie McConnell presided. A detailed report on the material in hand for the Howard County Historical Journal revealed that it is almost ready for publication.

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