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The Cecil ‘Birddog’ Harris Memorial Early Files


125 years ago: 1894

The Howard County Teacher’s Association will meet at Corinth on Saturday the 8th day of September 1894. The programme is as follows: 1. Discipline in school, 2. The present method of ascertaining qualification of teachers, 3. When to begin to teach arithmetic and 4. Miscellaneous.

An Ohio editor says Hay Fever is caused by kissing grass widows. A Missouri editor says it is caused by kissing the hired girl while she is feeding hay to the cows. An esteemed Kansas editor is of the opinion that it is caused by kissing the girl and kissing the cows.


97 years ago: 1922

On last Friday evening just after the offering had been taken at the Methodist Church where the Rev. Walter Scott had been conducting a protracted meeting for two weeks, six white robed figures entered the church, marched down to the pulpit, handed the Rev. Scott an envelope, and withdrew from the church as quietly as they had entered.  On opening the envelope the Rev. Mr. Scott found a letter and a donation of cash, the letter being signed by “Elberta Peach Klan No. 5, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.” 

Notice: My Cotton Class will open at the Farmer’s Union Warehouse on Monday. All persons desiring to attend will see me at once.  E.  L. Crutchfield

(Adv.) For sale: Bargain prices, 40 acres of land, two young mules, five head of cattle, two hogs, two bull dogs, chickens and farm equipment, Carl Jacques.


Courtesy photo/HOWARD COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY Mineral Springs High School building 1914-1957

67 years ago: 1952

A turkey tour will be conducted Friday afternoon, August 29, when four Howard County flocks will be visited.  The tour group will form at the Nashville Court House at 1 p.m. The farms to be visited include those of Ordis Watson, Elmer Harness, L. L. Cook and Neely Cassady. Turkey production on the four farms totals more than 7,000.

Audit officials last week indicated the shortage at the Bank of Dierks would exceed $175,000. Friday Mrs. Opal Simmimgton, 49-year- old bookkeeper, turned over to a FBI agent some $58,000 in checks and deposit slips.  The checks and deposit slips were at her home. Agents also reported finding cardboard boxes full of checks, deposit slips and ledger sheets in an outbuilding at her home. Mrs. Simmington has been charged by federal authorities with making false entries in bank’s account. She was freed early last week on a $7,500 bond. 


45 years ago: 1974

The son of a Nashville couple was killed this week in an airplane crash in Alaska.  Wm. E. Street, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E.  Street, died along with three other men Tuesday when their airplane crashed north of Fairbanks, Alaska. Street was working on the Alaska Pipeline. Funeral services will be held here.

A family living near Nashville has been named the Hempstead County Farm Family for 1974. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stanley and sons, Marty and Arian, live between Ozan and Bingen where they operate a 768- acre farm, growing cotton, caring for pine timber and pasture and meadows in support of their beef cattle enterprise.

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